Who am I???

Welcome reader, if you have stumbled upon my blog.  “Shan’s Blog” if you will…  Lame name, I know, I am completely aware, trust me. But all the cool names are already taken. Well, correction, I’m sure there are cool names that are yet to exist, but I couldn’t think of one and the cool ones I could think of were already taken.  It’s like when you go to the store (insert whatever your favorite store is here) searching for an item that you saw in In Style (or GQ if you’re a guy, not that a guy wouldn’t be searching for something from In Style, my husband has for me, but I digress…) and they have that exact item in every size but the size you need.

Ugh, so frustrating.  Happened to me today in Old Navy – I’ve avoided Old Navy for probably two years because nothing there ever seems to fit me right, but I got a wild hair today and thought I would try. I’ve noticed lately that this fall they are emulating J Crew, my most favoritest store ever (but not at my most favoritest prices, yikes they are proud of their shit), so i walked in.  And, surprisingly, they had a lot of really cute stuff.  But not one size 6 or 8 to be found.  NOT ONE.  It was like all the size 6 or 8 bitches in San Antonio had hit up Old Navy before I had.  So what I’m realizing as I’m writing this is that I have had a disappointing day.  Not one of the things I wanted was available.  What a bummer, man.

OK, so – in reading about this whole blogging thing, the “experts” say that your blog should have an “identity”.  But, I guess that I am having a bit of an identity crisis, because I don’t want to blog about just fashion, or home decor, or being a mom, or my adventures in being a mercenary. I want it to be about everything I could possibly want it to be about, leaving this poor blog with the lame name wondering… “Who am I?”

Hopefully you’ll stick with me as I figure this thing out.


PS – I’m not really a mercenary.

PPS – Or is it PSS?

PPPS/PSSS – Don’t judge me by my page decor – I’m changing it once I figure out how. (Update – as of 9/27 I figured out how. Like the look?)


2 thoughts on “Who am I???

  1. In response to you first entry, I have to express my utter complacency with regards to the experience of shopping — ANYWERE. Being small and between sizes is my doom, thus I resolve to go for that baggy bohemian look a lot. I have given up entirely on finding pants that fit. They never do. Another thing I find is that no matter how often I peruse Target, trying on 12 or so dresses… I never find something I like or that fits correctly, and 2 days later I see a friend/you/Stacy wearing a super cute dress, and naturally it’s always from Target. I’ve decided I either haven’t got an eye for fashion, have terrible luck or otherwise Target is operating a huge conspiracy against me.

    As to what experts say about blogging, I say forget that garbage and write about anything you want!… Experts don’t know shit about you! It’s the fallacy of authority; if a so-called expert says it, then it must be true. You’re the expert, thus the name SHAN’S BLOG 😛

    PS… You totally could be a mercenary, I wouldn’t be surprised 😉

  2. Sorry to hear that Target is waging the same conspiracy against you that old navy is vs me. But, you do have an eye for fashion, and always look cute. Based on your comment about myself and Stacy, it must run in the family. 😉

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