Why do Assholes Gotta be Assholes?

First please allow me to preface this blog with a warning.  I tend to cuss, a lot, especially if I’m angry.  And as you can tell by the title of this blog I will most likely be cussing quite a bit in this post.  So, if you are one of  those people that don’t like curse words, either don’t read on OR replace the curse words with words like dang it, darn, stupid head, etc…

So – the question of the day: Why do Assholes Gotta be Assholes?

Are we born assholes, or are we molded into assholes by our parents and our surroundings as we grow up?  I’ve never really met a baby and thought, “That baby is a real asshole.”  Asshole-ness, as I’ve observed it, begins around the age of 4 or 5.  I babysat just about every kid in my neighborhood growing up and there were a few kids that I would only sit for if I was really hard up for some cash.  Looking back, it’s because those kids were assholes.  A triat that I try desperately hard to not instill in my own precious children.

Is it the parents?  Sometimes, I would say yes.  In my experience, douche-baggyness tends to be a heriditary thing.  But, I have met some douchebags who have perfectly nice, charming parents.  Is it because they have a chip on their shoulder?  Who knows?  Again, I’ve met people carrying around an entire Mt. Everest worth of chips, but refrain from being an asshole.

I guess, just like the mystery of the tootsie roll pop, the answer to the question “Why do Assholes Gotta be Assholes?”, the answer very well may be that, “The world may never know”.

Until then, I’ll just try to steer clear of them, because trouble with assholes can really fuck up your day.


4 thoughts on “Why do Assholes Gotta be Assholes?

  1. Going out on a limb here… but I think the reason assholes are assholes is because they are full of shit. And if you were full of shit you might let loose and dump a load on some undeserving person. Not that it is “right”, it just is. And some assholes have worse shit then others. Just saying. Analogy done 🙂

    PS- Shans Shady Spot (blog name?)

  2. Assholes are usually assholes bacause they’re bored, insecure, and want to spread their misery, because afterall, it does need company. I think Marie is right too, they tend to be full of shit. It probably has a lot to do with how they were raised or perhaps they were neglected as children. Who knows… But assholes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they even look like nice people, but they’re not fooling anyone… All we can do is rise above, kill them with kindness and get on with our lives. Sometimes I can’t help but call those assholes out, though.

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