A Brief Moment of Reflection

Sometimes things happen in your life that cause you to pause, and reflect.  For me, I have to admit, those times don’t happen often.  But once in a blue moon they do and this weekend was one of those moments. 

Quite often I find myself wondering how I fell into the current line of work I am in now.  It certainly wasn’t what I went to school for, and it wasn’t anything that I was ever passionate about. In fact, I would venture to say that I never really cared, or gave it thought.  But…  There’s this little “thing” that I have become particularly proud of, and passionate about.  And while things at work will never be perfect, and on a daily basis I may contemplate quitting, I hope that I am always allowed to pursue this little project, because it’s truly rewarding.  Some may say it’s because I am a part of something that changes lives, but what they don’t understand or get is that it is really my life that has been changed.  And that’s what makes me care about it so…

Anyway, they say that you need a reason to get out of bed in the morning.  Aside from my sense of purpose to provide for my family and the ones I love most, until a few years ago I didn’t really feel a sense of purpose around my job.  It paid the bills, and that was about it.  But I feel a sense of purpose now.   

I realize I am being cryptic, but there are three groups of people who had this opportunity not fallen in my lap, I would never had the chance to meet. I want to do a good job for this small group of people, and I hope that they know how appreciative I am to them for that.  So, peeps (you know who you are) thanks…


One thought on “A Brief Moment of Reflection

  1. Some people in those groups you mentioned might call it destiny. As Frost would say, “and that has made all the difference.” Whatever the case may be I am sure they are forever grateful for YOU.

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