What I Learned on Wednesday…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend the Texas Conference for Women – where 5,000 women and about 10 very brave men gathered at the Austin Convention Center for a full day of female empowerment. Typically, I am not your women’s conference kind of gal.  Some of my more “girl power” friends might balk at this, but I usually find that stuff to be a bunch of hooey.  But, my company was a sponsor, so I went.  Surprisingly, despite my severe sourpuss attitude about the whole thing, I enjoyed myself.   I learned some things.  And, I got the idea for a recurring post – What I Learned on Wednesday.   This week, it’s a little girl themed given where I got the idea from, but next week it will probably be something like the dyed icing from the grocery store will turn your poop the color of the dye.*

1. Be vulnerable

Brene Brown’s session was all about vulnerability, and how you need to be open to being vulnerable in order to fully live, laugh, love, lead, etc. and as cheesy as it sounds, I was inspired.  You see, it’s very rare that you would ever hear anyone tell you that vulnerability is a strength.  Far too often, we’re told it’s a characteristic of the weak, and it’s about time someone called bullshit on that.

2. I dress as well as a fashion magazine editor 

One of the sessions was about style, and hosted by the Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar.  I don’t know if she saw “Texas” and thought she’d dress down or what, but a) I wasn’t all that impressed with what she had to tell us about style, and b) she was dressed just like half the women there.  She was wearing a black suit, black heels, a polka dot blouse that I think I may have the same or very similar one, and the green jcrew bubble necklace that everyone and their mother has the knock-off (in fact I think I hers might have been the knockoff).  She didn’t look bad at all, cute even, but after looking at her and realizing I have the exact same items at home in my closet, I realized I dress as well as a fashion magazine editor.  But I do think her shoes were Louboutin’s…

3. Women need to stop being so hard on each other, and ourselves

OK – I know I’m saying this after I just dissected the fashion editor’s outfit.  But, women are way to critical of each other.  Why?  Who really knows, but I for one believe that we need stop trying to tear each other down, and learn to get along.  Also, we are way to critical of ourselves.  Come on, let’s give ourselves a break every now and then!

So – there you have it, what I learned on Wednesday.  What did you learn?  I’d love to hear from you.

– Shan

*True story.  While I haven’t verified this with my own poop, I noticed that my toddler had blue poop in her diaper after eating a cupcake with blue icing.  It really freaked me out, I almost called the pediatrician, I mean blue poop just can’t be a good thing.  Then I thought, “where have I seen this hue of blue before?”, and it hit me, it was the cupcake.  Beware the blue icing.  Unless you don’t mind blue poo.


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