WILOW – Unexpected Allies

Welcome to this weeks WILOW (What I Learned on Wednesday) post!

When you work away from home the majority of the time, you tend to form bonds with your coworkers.  Which, is to be expected, since honestly you spend more time with them than your family.  I am fortunate enough to have formed some good and lasting friendships with some of those coworkers and typically try to spend more time during the day with those folks.  Not that I don’t get along with and enjoy working with others, but you know how it is.  If you were given the choice of spending your day with your best friend, or a so-so friend, who would you pick?  It’s a given you would gravitate more to those that you relate better to, but unfortunately it can cause some segregation among the ranks.

So while your workplace can provide you with wonderful, life-long friends, the workplace can also be slightly treacherous.  I’ve observed folks singing one’s praises to someone’s face, just to stab them in the back the moment their back is turned.  It’s so absurd to me and I try to steer clear of it.  But when it happens to you (see previous post) it’s hard to be the bigger person and let it roll off your back.  And, usually you turn to those in your “camp” to help you through it.

But sometimes, an unexpected ally will present themselves.  So, what I’ve learned this week is,  don’t close yourself off so much that you aren’t open and available to those who would have your back when you least expect it.


PS – I also learned today that I should never again wear 5 inch heels when I am going to be standing/walking most of the day.  Can you say PAIN.FUL??  I realize that this is obvious to most people, but anyone reading this blog should know by now that I am not most people and my brain just doesn’t work that way (i.e. the way a normal person’s brain does).  I wear heels all the time, but usually max out around 3 inches.  Since 2 inches of my shoes were platform, I figured that I would be fine.  I have since learned my lesson…  I did look fierce though.


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