Bag Lady

You can tell a lot about a woman by the purse she carries, as for a woman your handbag is an expression of your personal style.  You can also tell a lot about a woman by what she carries inside her purse. A few months ago, a blog I follow posted a series that looked into the inside of various women’s purses.  What struck me most were the photos.  Photos of absolutely clean, pristine purses.  Well organized – a place for everything and everything in its place.  And I formed an opinion.  Those girls either have way too much time on their hands, or they cleaned out their purses before they posted their photos (I’m guessing the latter, because what girl has too much time on her hands?).  So – I offer you all a look into my purse.  My random, receipt and wrapper filled, bag lady of a purse.  Bag lady meaning, I carry way too much shit in there.  Not that I look like an actual bag lady.

First, a look at the purse… ain’t she a beauty?  I love her.  (I also love the new pillows that she is propped up against.  They look and feel like sweaters, and sweaters are awesome.)

What’s so great about it is that it can hold a TON of stuff, and still looks nice.  It doubles as my diaper bag, work bag, and whatever else I need it to hold bag.  (I guess that’s actually a “triples as”.)

And here’s what it holds on a daily basis:

1. Notepad & pen from Target, in case I have to write something down.  But it is used more often by my daughters than me.

2. My wallet (another gift from my quite stylish hubby)

3. Random change

4. Fruit snacks, granola bar, dum dums – either for me or for the girls when we’re out and about and need a little snacky

5. My phone – it’s like another appendage

6. Ray Bans – they are either the final accessory to a fabulous outfit, or help make those hot mess days better.  If I’m ever having a bad fashion day, I just put on the wayfarers, sling on my purse and I feel redeemed, fashion-wise.

7. Not one but two partially used packs of kleenex

8. My Retrodition makeup bag – just big enough to carry the daily essentials, and it’s polka dot, too.  Love!

9. Hand lotion

10. Random hair clips, rubber bands, and other hair stuff for myself and the girls.  Yes, that is a strawberry shortcake hair extension, and yes, you know you want one.

11. Again, not one but two hair brushes.  I have no idea why I have two in there.  I didn’t even know the smaller one was in there…

12. Random assortment of business cards, mine and those of others.  I had an awesome yellow business card holder but can’t find it.  Perhaps it’s lost in the depths of another purse.

13. iPod Nano – the earbuds are in another bag right now because I pulled them out to use at work on Friday, rendering the Nano temporarily useless

14. A lighter.  As with many things in my purse, I’m not too sure how it got there and didn’t even know I had it in there, but who doesn’t need a lighter in their bag?  Wanna know something scary – I know I’ve gone through airport security with that in there.  No offense to the TSA, but I think someone was asleep on the job…

And now, because I’m keeping it real, the pile of crap that I fished out of the depths of my purse:

Receipts, a dollar bill, used kleenex and napkins, Advil, a flash card (?), and photos from the ride at ChuckECheese.  And this pile of crap would have been bigger, but believe it or not I recently cleaned out my purse.  Thank goodness I had, otherwise I would have been carrying around an episode of Hoarders on my arm…

So there you have it – a true glimpse into my world.  Not entirely sure about what my purse insides say about me, feel free to tell me what you think in the comments.


PS – Looking for another fun read?


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