WILOW – The Value of Good Friends

If last week was un-enlightening (yes, un-enlightening is a word – I just made it one), then this week felt the need to doubly enlighten me to make up for it.  This week, I have been reminded to appreciate the value of good friends.  So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, an ode to my fabulous friends…

First, to the Friends that Knew Me When:

– To KFM, the first friend I can remember. Who crank-called boys with me.  Who had braces the same time I did.  Who held my hand through my first heart-break, and my parents divorce. Who went through life with me.

– To KGH and EF, you crazy girls.  So many shennanigans with the two of you, and I am forever grateful for you helping me to “come out of my shell”.  I hope you know how lovely and talented you both are.

– To CAJ, my college compadre, what if we had never met in Accounting?  College would have been a lot less fun, that’s for sure. 🙂

I love you guys.

To my Girlfriends:

– The ladies who go watch Twilight with me. Who will talk about what celebrity is dating who, and “can you believe what they wore to the Oscars” for an hour with me. Who will drink wine with me while we commiserate about our husbands. Who I can ask if their child has had a rash “you know where” and they totally know where, and yes their child has had it, and here’s the name of the cream that cured it.

To my Brothers and Sisters:

– True, none of you really have a choice in the matter as you’re stuck with me for life, but I can’t imagine having a more awesome group of siblings, and a better set of Uncles and Aunts to my little girls.  They could not adore you guys more.  Being the oldest, it’s been pretty cool to watch each of you grow up and become adults.

To my Close Friends:

– The small group of girls and guys I can call on anytime and they’ll be there for me. The ones that will have a singing break with me. The folks that get me and don’t mind that I talk about weird things all the time.  Even if I don’t get to see a few of you that often, when we do, it’s like we hung out just yesterday, and I love that regardless of the time that passes, our friendship never wanes.

To my Very Best Friends Forever:

– To KHR, the most awesomest person a girl could ever have called a roommate. The one who I can always count on for sage best-friendly wisdom, the one who if I called her in the middle of the night she wouldn’t think twice about answering.  She’d be the one I’d call if I needed her to help me move a body, and she wouldn’t even ask me why she was helping me move a body until the deed was done.  Who never judges me and loves me for all my kooky-ness. I wish we lived closer together, I miss you so much.

– To M, the love of my life and best friend.  The father of my children. The one person in the world who knows me better than anyone, sometimes even better than I know myself. Who knew that when you walked onto my school bus all those years ago that you would be walking into my heart forever.  But I’m so glad you did.  I can’t imagine life without you. You’re my everything and I love you more than I can truly express.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you; here’s to past, present and future friends.



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