This is not a real post, but…

Have you ever been laying in bed perusing the internets (internets – blogs, Facebook, on your phone because you’re too lazy to get up and reach for the laptop or iPad or whatever, and you drop your phone on your face? And it hits you in your nose and hurts like shit? And then you feel inspired to write about it but are still too lazy to get up and type it out so you type the whole thing on your phone while laying down so it takes like twice the time it would have taken you if you had just gotten off your butt and gotten the laptop in the first place? Yeah, me too…


PS- WordPress informs me that this is my 20th post. But as this post is not a real post,  it doesn’t really count. We’ll celebrate that milestone with the next one!


7 thoughts on “This is not a real post, but…

  1. Hmm… this is a real post because I am reading it! In honor of your post I am reading it from my phone and replying from my phone. Like you I am too lazy to use another device. Unlike you I am too lazy, not to get up, but to sit up. My iPad is laying in the bed, but the phone is easier to hold. My MacBook is on the floor next to my bed but would require that I sit up. It’s all too much so I am taking the easy way out. I have a headache and my teeth hurt, not sure why. That has nothing to do with this post but I thought someone should know. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ok well seeing as how this is the latest post/nonpost to be written, i’ll use it to ask the zombiepedia (yes, you are officially a zombie encyclopedia) a question. It’s a food supply question. In most of my end of the world scenarios I have twinkies as a BIG food supply. Is there any other twinkie like energy supply you can recommend and do you think that hostess shutting down could be just the first step towards the end?

    • I have actually thought that might be an indicator that the end of days is near…

      Little Debbie might be a good replacement, but I have a feeling that another bakery will pick up the reigns where hostess let up.

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