The Sickness…

I’ve been trying to fight it since the Monday before last.  It started with a sore throat and runny nose.  Then morphed into a full-blown cold monster last Monday.  Then mysteriously vanished.  I thought I was over it.  But I was wrong…

The sickness once again reared its ugly head yesterday, and is kicking my ass today.  Throat so sore that it hurts to swallow (and because I’m sick I’m ignoring the obvious joke there) and hurts to talk. My lymph nodes in my neck are clearly trying desperately to fight off some sort of infection and are swollen. I have the chills and burning eyes, and no energy whatsoever.

Luckily my step-dad is a physician, so I usually just call him up when I’m sick.  But today he advised me to actually go to a doctor.  So I’m going.  Ugh…  Going to the doctor can be so annoying.  Especially a clinic.  Where there are other sick people.  Where I might catch something far worse than the bacteria plaguing me right now.  Where they will probably tell me that nothing is wrong with me, just get plenty of rest and I’ll get better eventually.  Or, they will tell me I have the bird flu.  I’m not sure which is worse*…


*Probably bird flu, which I’m hoping I don’t have.  But a blow to the ego can also be pretty bad, especially when you already feel like doodoo.

Update: I have a “severe” (their words) sinus infection judging from my swollen glands and high fever.  This was my diagnosis after they ruled out strep and the flu.  I guess it should comfort me that all I have is a puny infection, but I was really hoping for a free pass to lay around helpless and take the day off of work tomorrow.  Of course the doctor prescribed “rest” after they gave me the steroid shot in my hip (aka: ass) and offered to write me a note to excuse me from work (b/c apparently I’m 10).  But I’ll be powering through at work tomorrow, because when is the last time anyone called in sick with a sinus infection?


2 thoughts on “The Sickness…

  1. some asshole that I know once had a “severe” sinus infection and wound up in the hospital. the people where I used to work ( I won’t call it the store because I dont want to arose suspicion on who I’m speaking of) all got their panties in a bunch and sent him flowers and would go by and take him food and whatnot. I thought, “All this for a sinus infection?”

    All this for the same guy who claimed to have dated jennifer love hewit? this for the guy that claimed to have played blackjack with the gotti family while in vegas?this from the guy who claimed to be an all american tightend for a BIG 12 college?

    What happened to this guy you might ask??? He got a huge promotion and later left the company (eh, errr workplace) I so dearly love.

    So to power on with a sinus infection and go to work?!?! Mad respect to you Shan! Go kick some ass today!

  2. Don’t know that I kicked ass, but I did power through. BTW- Did I tell you that I once met the Dhali Lama, and swam with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef? Great Whites. True story.

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