WILOW – A Bunch of Random Stuff

Welcome to this week’s What I Learned on Wednesday post.  Today’s “learnings” if you will, are really just an odd compilation of things.  But, hey, at least it’s something, right?  What I would love, really love, is for you guys to start telling me what you learned, too.  I know you’re out there, so don’t be selfish and keep your learnings to yourself.  Your learnings could help other people learn.  Then it becomes one big learning factory!  So feel free to tag me in your own WILOW post, or comment on this one.  Let’s all become learned together.  (I just used the word “learn” in some form or fashion eight times, nine if you count the one I just used in this sentence.  That has to be a record of some sort.)

1.  Cold Weather becomes me – aside from making me sick and all…

Given what I just wrote, I’m not really sure how this will benefit anyone else, but my hair really loves this cold weather.  It’s keeping its curl, it’s bouncy, it’s shiny – I’m in hair love.  And thanks to Kate from thesmallthingsblog for teaching me how to fix it and what products to use (seriously, she’s awesome)!  The rest of me may feel like doodoo, but my hair is having a moment right now.

2.  Sometimes when a dry erase marker says on its label that it is dry erase, it is not telling you the truth.

I feel that this one is self-explanatory. But you should always do a spot check on a small section of the board before writing all over it, and then finding out later that the marker lied.

3.  Laughter is the best medicine.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have been feeling under the weather lately (I think it’s the Leo in me that loves all the attention or proper non-attention that one gets when they are sick), and that nothing seems to be working to cure what’s ailing me.

{Side note: isn’t it nice how when you’re sick the people who you prefer to avoid, avoid you so you don’t give them your “germs”; and the people who you truly care about and enjoy spending time with check on you to make sure you’re ok?}

Luckily I have some good pals at work who always find a way to make me laugh (love ‘em like play cousins – which to be honest, I don’t really know what that means, but one of the friends that makes me laugh says it and it sounds good so I thought I would use it, please accept my apologies if the term play cousin is in any way offensive), and two little girls and great hubby at home who do the same, and it really does make me feel better.   And if you don’t have anyone to laugh with, watch Anchorman or Old School.  Those two get me every time.

4.  If your nail polish stains your fingernails, clean them with peroxide.  Gets rid of the polish residue and leaves you with sparkly clean nails.

Male readers, you may not appreciate the value of this tip that I recently came across, but the women in your life will.  Learning factory my friends, learning factory… pass it on.


This will be my sixth post in a row without a zombie reference.  I think that has to be some kind of record, too.  Oh wait, I just mentioned them.  Well shit…


7 thoughts on “WILOW – A Bunch of Random Stuff

  1. I am kicking myself for missing the Anchorman joke there. I should have said. “Watch anchorman or old school, 60% of the time, they work all the time.” See, the sickness, it’s already having negative effects on my brain. I missed an obvious joke. What is happening to me?

    • OMG – I just had a very frightening thought. What if this is how the zombie apocalypse begins? What if I am turning into the thing I fear most?

      I think I just need to rest because at this point I’m just scaring myself and am the only one commenting on my own blog. Which is a little lame of me, I know. I’m finally taking that sick day. I think it’s overdue…

  2. WILOW – The older I am, the better I was… I partially seperated my shoulder playing ball in H.S. light years ago. This past weekend I reinjured it in my sleep. Seriously?! Also, it’s the holidays so I’m trying to grow some ( I use the word “some” very loosely here) facial hair. Anyway, I come to find that since my last feeble attempt at this (only a year ago), parts of my hair decided to give up tinting themselves. So now I will look like some guy growing a skunk out of his face. Good news is that at the rate I’m going I won’t have to ask around for a Santa to walk around the store next year.

  3. Everybody needs a good play cousin! You cannot choose your family, but you can choose your play cousins. It means more because you get to pick ’em!

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