Bah Humbug and Merry Christmas

How in the heck did December get here so friggin’ fast?  The last thing I remember we were celebrating my 3 year old’s birthday in August, then it’s just one big blur of events until now. I could spend time trying to figure out how it got here so fast, but by the time I did that it would be Easter…

The hubs loves Christmas.  I mean loves Christmas. And, we are totally behind the eight ball this year in putting out the decorations. We’ve just both been so busy lately, that we haven’t taken the time to get it all out and put it all up.  Add in me being completely worthless from being sick, and well, it just hadn’t been done.  Until this weekend.  This weekend I got off my arse and put up the decorations for my Christmas-loving husband and kids.

I’m going to come out and just say it – I hate the actual act of Christmas decorating.  Which many will find shocking since I actually love to decorate (in another life I would have been an interior designer).  But it’s messy, it takes twice as long as you thought it would, and it always involves a few unplanned trips to Target or Home Depot (which usually I don’t mind, but in this case Target and Home Depot are crowded with a bunch of other people who are on their second or third trip, too).  Did I mention it’s messy?  On top of that, I’m usually slow to warm to the most wonderful time of the year.  To me, it usually just comes with more things added to my already full to-do list.  Typically I’m pretty Bah Humbug about it all until the few days before and then my shriveled old heart begins to feel the joy in the season and grows to three times it’s usual size… But, as I write this snuggled on my couch next to our new sweater-inspired pillows and in the warm glow of the Christmas tree lights, I can feel my Grinchyness melt away, and I have to admit… it was worth it.

Something is different this year.  I still have that “Oh holy CRAP, how in the hell am I going to get everything done?” feeling in the pit of my stomach, but something has turned this ‘ol Scrooge a little early this year. Perhaps it was the sheer happiness on my kids faces as they helped me decorate the tree, or the nostalgia brought on by putting out my great-grandmother’s decorations that I remember from childhood, or the sweet text I got from my husband today thanking me for decorating – who knows.  But you know what? I kinda like it.  So Merry Effin’ Christmas*, everyone!


I thought I would show you guys some pictures of our decorated house.  Next weekend we’ll tackle the outside, which is completely my husband’s territory.  I’m sure he’s planning something Griswald-esque…



“What’s that in the corner?”, you ask, “Is that a… Star Wars themed Christmas tree?”  Why yes, yes it is. Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” more than light saber and blaster sounds, and a C3PO ornament that says “We’re doomed” every time you turn the lights on.


Watch out Han… Greedo’s got his eye on you.


IMG_1878  IMG_1879


These guys creep me out a little.  I picture them coming to life at night like in the ballet and battling. Which, I guess so long as they clean up after themselves I don’t mind too much…

And since I neglected to take a picture of the actual tree (hey, don’t judge, I’ve been sick, remember??), here’s pictures of my two cuties helping me decorate it. (Which I had to redo a little after they went to bed because I’m way too A/R to leave all the ornaments clustered in just one section of the tree.)

IMG_1904  IMG_1905

I love them so.  Adorable, aren’t they? 🙂

*Typically I would have just spelled out the F-word, but this is a post about Christmas for Pete’s** sake. And there’s pictures of my kids on here. So I’m putting the earmuffs on a little today.

**Again, typically I would have said “Christ’s sake”.  But it didn’t feel right, given the context.  Hmm, or maybe that makes it more appropriate?  Either way – I’m trying to exercise a little restraint here. Which I’m sure my Dad is appreciating.


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