Dear Winter, It’s me, Shan…

Dear Winter,

How are you? I’ve been wondering if you were going to come visit this year. It’s been fun to hang out with your brother Fall, but you know him, he always likes to over-stay his welcome and these days with highs in the 70s and 80s are starting to get a little old.

Don’t you know you’re my favorite season? (Don’t tell your sister, Summer, or she’ll get all bitchy and cause a drought again…) I long to wear tights and boots and scarves and sweaters and coats – I want to wear layers! South Texas needs you. I need you. Please come soon. I can’t bear another 80 degree Christmas.

Love, Shan


2 thoughts on “Dear Winter, It’s me, Shan…

  1. Wait, what, South Texas??? Well ok I guess we’ll annex you guys in lower Central Texas but just for this blog since I agree we need more cold.

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