“Life Moves Pretty Fast”

For many, the weeks leading up to Christmas are typically slow at work, however I experience quite the opposite.  January is my busy time of year, and the weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year are ca-ra-zay.  And they move crazy fast, too – it’s very easy to get trapped in the hubbub and not take a minute to look around.  I’m quite guilty of it myself.

This weekend I allowed myself a brief respite, and spent some downtime with my kiddos.  And the realization that they are no longer babies just kind of hit me in the face.  I mean, I know that they are getting bigger and smarter and older, but after spending a silly evening with photobooth on the mac, and watching my four-year old navigate the computer with ease, it just all of a sudden hit me that my babies are growing up and that I am missing some of the best memory making opportunities by being concerned about work and schedules and chores*.

This Christmas season my wish for all of you, is to stop.  Take a moment.  Look around.  And enjoy all the wonder of the season.  “Because if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it…”


*Not that work, schedules and chores are not important.  They are.  But sometimes it’s OK to take a break from them.  Just be sure to let your employer know that you are taking a break, otherwise they might fire you and the last thing I want is for anyone to get canned right before Christmas.  Unless you deserve it.  Although I think that you would have to do something pretty bad to deserve getting canned right before Christmas.  But on the plus side, that would free you up to spend more time with the ones you love.

Cuz’ I care about you, I’ve included pics for your enjoyment…





4 thoughts on ““Life Moves Pretty Fast”

  1. Danke Schoen, Darlin’ Danke Schoen… Love this post and happy to be reminded of this…I get the same way about work and have really made an effort this holiday season to just slow down and not sweat the small stuff! Can’t wait to see you guys!!!

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