F*** Yeah! I’m one excited Aggie tonight…

First of all, notice that I didn’t actually cuss in the title. That’s because I’m keeping it classy (San Diego), like my precious Texas Aggies. Who just beat the hell outta’ OU in the Cotton Bowl. Take that all you drinking the haterade, who said that A&M wouldn’t amount to crap in the SEC. Take that all you whiners that said your player was robbed of the Heisman. I truly wish you the best of luck playing Alabama (a team A&M beat, btw). I mean it, too (some of my best friends are Notre Damers). But, in this instance, I just have to gloat, because I totally personally had something to do with this win. So, f*** yeah!

That is all… Enough pretending that I really know anything at all about football.


Anyone who is familiar with Texas football knows that it’s been a few seasons since A&M fans have had much to gloat about.  (Especially as an Aggie married to a Longhorn, with two Longhorn brothers and a Longhorn brother-in-law).  So I am soooo enjoying this opportunity to talk crap when I am usually the one upon whom crap is talked.  And don’t worry – this will probably be my only football related post.  Because I really know nothing about football. But I do know one hell of a win when I see one!!


3 thoughts on “F*** Yeah! I’m one excited Aggie tonight…

  1. Congrats, live it up, and don’t pay attention to the whiners. We all know the guy that should have won the Heisman hardware will get his chance in the BCS Championship.

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