Sleeping Babes

Is there any feeling as wonderful as holding your sleeping child?  While sleeping they look so angelic, so sweet, so calm.  Nothing like the crazy little hellions they were just mere hours prior.  (Just kidding, my angels never misbehave… Riiiiight.)

From the moment my two beautiful baby girls were born, this is one thing that I have tried hard to savor.   Those moments of holding them; smelling their little heads, studying every little curve of their faces, their little noses and long, dark eyelashes – I have taken mental snapshots of those moments and filed them in my memory bank because I know that unfortunately they won’t last.

Inside my head, the wheels are constantly in motion; making lists, thinking about what I need to do at work, what I’m going to wear the next day, or thinking about my zombie escape plan – it very rarely stops.  But, when I have those little moments of calm with my kiddos – I can truly relax. As I’m holding them or laying next to them while they are sleeping, I lose myself in looking at their amazing, tiny features and forget that our windows are unbarred and are an open invitation to any and all zombies who may be passing by.  Almost.



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