H54F – A day late…

I’m always late.  Just the charm of me… But, here goes!  Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk.

1. On Sunday I got to spend some QT with this guy


2. Our dog in men’s shoes, why not?


3. Valentine’s Day was this week, which meant I got to wear this outfit. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday to dress for, fashion wise. (I look ridiculous in this photo but… look at the purse.  It was my anniversary gift and I have now formed a very unhealthy love for an inanimate object.)


4. Speaking of Valentine’s Day,  I got an awesome card from my bestie.  I think she knows me…


5. Last night my littlest one was feeling snuggly.  I live for moments like these…


This past week was quite interesting, to put it lightly, with a lot of odd highs and lows.  I’m hoping for a little more normalcy next week!



One thought on “H54F – A day late…

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