Pardon me, but have you seen my dharma?

Since my last post, I just kind of lost my inspiration to write for a little bit.  There were a lot of things I was thinking about writing about, but none of them felt just right.  Have you ever gone shopping, and you keep trying on item after item and nothing seems to fit just right?  I am a firm believer that if something doesn’t fit you right (or can’t be tailored to fit you), then you shouldn’t buy it.  So it was like that – I would begin to write and nothing just felt… right.

Today my husband sent me this to read.  I encourage everyone to click-through and take a look yourself, but just make sure you come back.  To paraphrase, what Pete was talking about was “dharma”, your life’s work, or mission if you will.  For the first time in days, something just felt right to write about.

“It is better to perform your dharma poorly than someone else’s dharma well.”***

I’ve written a lot about my recent decision to stay at home with my children after 12 years of being a career gal, and the wide range of emotions it’s sparked in me.  The truth is, that while I am elated, I’m also sad.  I’ve become very emotionally invested in my work.  In my coworkers and the friendships I have made.  So it’s tough to leave it behind.  But the reason why I left is simply because, I wasn’t on my dharma, I was on someone else’s. I was chasing a mission that wasn’t mine.  And, I know it sounds dramatic, but it was destroying me.

After reading the post, I started thinking… “What is my dharma? What is my life’s mission?”  Truth is, I’m not really sure, which is OK. But I do feel the strong need to find it. So I figured I’d start here, “If money were no object, what would I do with my life?”

What would you do with yours?


***While I did know what dharma was (from the show Dharma & Greg – remember that show?  I thought she had a cool name so I looked it up… I’m big into names and their meanings… anywhoo) before today, I didn’t really know it’s origins.  It’s quite interesting – I suggest googling or binging or whatever your search engine of choice-ing it. There’s probably even a TED talk about it…


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