Cardigans are Cool

Before I go into anything remotely related to the title, I wanted to share something slightly disturbing that I walked in on last night. I had just gotten the girls to bed and walked into my bedroom to find the cat and the dog on our bed, which is not unusual.  They both like to hog our bed – every night is a cycle of kicking them off our bed, then them sneaking back on, then me kicking them off again only to wake up with the cat trying to suffocate me by laying on my pillow and head… So the fact that they were both on our bed is not the disturbing part.  It was that the cat (Rocky) appeared to be giving the dog (Ruby) a bath… with his tongue.  Is this normal cat/dog behavior?  I don’t know – can someone out there enlighten/reassure me?

Now on to the regularly scheduled programming… Today I’m once again linking up with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. This week, winter kind-of returned so I got to bring the winter clothing out for one last hurrah before it gets replaced with shorts and tank tops and sundresses because it gets way to hot here in the summer to wear anything else.

Last week I professed my love of button-up (or is it button-down?  I feel as if I’m not using the proper fashion nomenclature…) shirts.  This week, it’s cardigans.  Love me a good cardigan…


Cardigan – JCrew Factory
Shirt – Gap
Jeans – AG Jeans
Shoes – Nine West
Watch & Bracelet – Michael Kors


No cardi – but…
Scarf & Shirt – Gap
Jeans – AG Jeans
Boots – Frye (Probably the last time I’ll wear them for a while… sniff, tear…)


Cardigan & Yellow Bracelet – JCrew
Shirt – JCrew Factory
Jeans – AG Jeans
Shoes – Coach
Gold Bracelet – Michael Kors


Close-up of my bling…


We didn’t have anywhere to go yesterday, and just hung around the house so I reverted to my college wardrobe (which is when I think I picked up this awesome tee), kept the glasses on and let my nerd flag fly…
Hoodie – Gap Body
TShirt – Junk Food
Jeans – AG Jeans
Didn’t wear any shoes…


Seriously, if anyone has any answers about the cat thing, let me know, OK…


A Tale of Two Shans

There are two Shans.

Shan #1 is the Shan I am out in public, the Shan that tries to be well-dressed, charming and funny. The Shan that always has a clean house and clean kids who are dressed adorably in coordinating outfits. That’s not to say that the public me is any less “me”. Don’t get me wrong, Shan #1 is still quite goofy, thinks the word “balls” is funny and has a potty mouth, but it’s filtered.  Slightly, anyway.

Then there’s Shan #2. Ha – I crack myself up every time I say #2, it’s immature I know, but I just can’t help it… but this is what I am talking about… Shan #2 is the unfiltered Shan, my inner monologue, if you will.  The one that thinks poop humor is the best, is slightly messy, happiest in tshirts and jeans and who’s mouth would offend even the most hardened sailor. The “me” that a very select few have had the opportunity to meet and get to know… Because there are things about myself that I like to keep private. (So I put them in a blog.  Makes perfect sense, right?)

I hate clutter.  Hate it.  It drives me insane.  And I freak out if people ever see my house looking anything but clean and organized.  I have made people wait outside until I have had a chance to quickly clean up before letting them in. I try really hard to keep my house clean – which I know my husband and kids find highly annoying. Just don’t open any closet doors… Or drawers.  Because it’s like Sanford & Son in there.  Every now and then I will clean them out and organize everything, but they’re back to their previous state within days.  If you ever come to my house and feel the need to open a closet door and something falls on you… well, you can’t say you weren’t warned. (There are two exceptions to this – my closet and my underwear/sock drawer.  I keep these extremely organized and I’m quite obsessive about it.)

My two favorite words in the english language: cock sucker & mother fucker. I like to use them together.  Maybe it’s the way they rhyme, I don’t know… Try saying it.  (Brief pause here for you to try it…) Doesn’t it just roll off the tongue? (Writer’s note: I am aware that those words are actually both phrases and therefore I should change the previous wording to read “my two favorite phrases” but I’m too lazy to go back and fix it and would rather expend more energy and time into explaining the fact that I realize my previous header needs correcting instead of just taking the two seconds necessary to fix it.)

As I alluded to in the previous paragraph – I don’t like people to know that I’m inherently lazy, even though my brain never stops – at any given moment I’m thinking of at least 20 different things and often change topics all together for no reason when talking… or writing.  I also feel the need to defend everything.  Or maybe defend is the wrong word…  It’s more like explain everything.  Everything I said, everything I did and why I did it.  I’m sure it drives people crazy…

OK – I’m about to go way TMI on everyone here and talk briefly about my bodily functions.  If you want you can skip this paragraph and go to the next…  I can’t go to Target without having to take a shit.  It’s crazy.  I have been this way for as long as I can remember. I walk into Target, and immediately my body is like, “It’s poop time!”.  I find it quite interesting.  What is it about Target of all places that causes my body to have this reaction?  Even weirder… I know for a fact I am not the only person whom this strange phenomena effects.  Others have told me that they are affected in the same manner.  Is it something in the air in Target? A chemical that Target puts in their extremely delicious, cost-efficient popcorn?  What is it?

I like to eat raw ramen noodles over the kitchen sink (because they are messy).  I will only do this in complete privacy because I think it’s gross (but it’s sooooo good).

I’m a big Star Wars nerd. I will watch Star Wars (Episodes IV – VI) whenever I come across them while channel surfing.  A couple Halloween’s ago I dressed as Leia for work (the costume was chosen for me) and I pretended like it wasn’t fucking awesome.  But it was. I even got to carry a blaster.  It was an Imperial blaster which a fellow SWN (Star Wars Nerd) pointed out was incorrect. But – I was dressed as New Hope Leia – in the white, with the buns.  The blaster she used in that movie was Luke’s, which was when he was disguised as a Storm Trooper, so therefore the Imperial blaster was the correct one to carry for the costume. I did not tell the fellow SWN this as I usually try to filter some of my nerddom in public. (Shan #2 is waaaay nerdier.) I think I just shrugged my shoulders and in my inner monologue said, “and you call yourself a Star Wars fan…”


Ode to Oxfords (All button-up shirts, really)

In all of my jobs, I’ve only had one where I had to wear a uniform. Officially…  But I’ve always been the type to adopt one.  You know, the items you put on every day because it’s easy and you don’t have to think about it.

In high school it was jeans and loafers, and those short-sleeved sweater shirts that were so popular in the late 90s…

In college it became jeans and t-shirts featuring characters like Rainbow Brite, SheRa, Transformers – all my idols from the 80s. The kind of shirt you could get at Hot Topic…

And then I discovered JCrew, and we’ve had a love affair ever since.  Pencil skirts, colored khakis, cardigans… they all look great with a button-up shirt. As a career gal, my workday go-to was a button up shirt. Skirt, shirt, heels and I was done…

Two weeks into my new career as Mommy, I’ve adopted a new uniform.  Before, on the weekends I would revert back to my college days, jeans and a tshirt (although I have ditched the Rainbow Brite), usually one of my two faves – well-worn Black Keys and Led Zeppelin t’s. And my first few days of not going into the office that’s what I did.  But my “old” clothes looked so sad.  Just begging to be worn…  So the button-up is back. Jeans, button up, flats… and I’m good to go.


Doggy photo bomb…
Shirt – JCrew
Jeans – Gap
Belt – Gap


Same formula – different type of shirt, though…
Shirt – JCrew
Jeans – AG Jeans
Shoes that you can barely see – Coach (and very old)


Kitty photo bomb this time…
Shirt – JCrew
Jeans – JCrew
Shoes – Nine West

This is my first time linking up with the Pleated Poppy for WIWW.  I’ve been a fan for a while, getting outfit inspiration from the many great dressers that are nice enough to share theirs.  I apologize for the pic quality – clearly I took them all with my phone as the phone is in every photo.  I tried to get my daughter to take them (she just turned 5), but the angle was all weird and I looked fat so yeah, I couldn’t use those. Also, what is up with my flamingo pose?

Peace, Love & Oxfords,


A New Chapter

Yesterday was… rough.  It was my last day of work. And while I wish I could say that I handled it with grace and dignity… well… I didn’t.  In true Shan style, I:

– Cussed at everyone (to be fair, I told them all that they were “Fucking Awesome”)

– Cried in a bathroom in a bar

– Then fell asleep (a.k.a. passed out) on a couch in said bar

OK, so it’s not as tragic as it sounds.  It was a good last day at work.  It was a fun happy hour after.  And hell… it wasn’t the first time I’ve cussed at everyone, cried in a bar bathroom, or passed out in a bar.  It is the first time I have done the last two in my 30s, (and hopefully the final time, but never say never) and aside from that dignity blow, it was a good day.  The reason why I was crying was because it was such a good day.  For the very last time, I was experiencing everything that I am going to miss.

Speaking of things I’m going to miss… I’m really going to miss these guys.


It isn’t often that you become friends with people who understand you, who laugh with you and at you, who come serenade you at your desk, who have your back, and who will bring you a Dr. Pepper or piece of gum whenever you need it.  And for whom you would do all of the above (coke, no ice… big red gum…). It’s rare to find one friend like that, let alone two, at work.  I have my, ahem, former employer to thank for introducing me to so many great people that I sincerely hope I will be friends with for life, but the two pictured above take the cake.  To say that I love these guys is an understatement – they are more than friends, they have become extensions of my family.

Speaking of family…


Today I began a new chapter. It was a good day to start one.  My oldest turned 5 today.  I have been a parent for 5 years – blows my mind. She got her ears pierced today, it’s what she wanted for her birthday.  She was so good, no tears, big smiles after – reminded me of just how much she’s growing up… I’m so proud of her.  She’s a sassy little thing, but she’s got a huge heart and is tough as nails.  And her little sister – sweet as can be, fun-loving but mischievous as hell.  They are absolutely perfect, amazing creatures, those two little girls of mine.  Now I have the good fortune and the opportunity to spend more time with them and their daddy. My family has always been my purpose, my reason for doing everything that I do. There are things about this move that terrify me.  But I am confident that I am on the right track…

I’m excited to see what the future has in store for me.