Cardigans are Cool

Before I go into anything remotely related to the title, I wanted to share something slightly disturbing that I walked in on last night. I had just gotten the girls to bed and walked into my bedroom to find the cat and the dog on our bed, which is not unusual.  They both like to hog our bed – every night is a cycle of kicking them off our bed, then them sneaking back on, then me kicking them off again only to wake up with the cat trying to suffocate me by laying on my pillow and head… So the fact that they were both on our bed is not the disturbing part.  It was that the cat (Rocky) appeared to be giving the dog (Ruby) a bath… with his tongue.  Is this normal cat/dog behavior?  I don’t know – can someone out there enlighten/reassure me?

Now on to the regularly scheduled programming… Today I’m once again linking up with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. This week, winter kind-of returned so I got to bring the winter clothing out for one last hurrah before it gets replaced with shorts and tank tops and sundresses because it gets way to hot here in the summer to wear anything else.

Last week I professed my love of button-up (or is it button-down?  I feel as if I’m not using the proper fashion nomenclature…) shirts.  This week, it’s cardigans.  Love me a good cardigan…


Cardigan – JCrew Factory
Shirt – Gap
Jeans – AG Jeans
Shoes – Nine West
Watch & Bracelet – Michael Kors


No cardi – but…
Scarf & Shirt – Gap
Jeans – AG Jeans
Boots – Frye (Probably the last time I’ll wear them for a while… sniff, tear…)


Cardigan & Yellow Bracelet – JCrew
Shirt – JCrew Factory
Jeans – AG Jeans
Shoes – Coach
Gold Bracelet – Michael Kors


Close-up of my bling…


We didn’t have anywhere to go yesterday, and just hung around the house so I reverted to my college wardrobe (which is when I think I picked up this awesome tee), kept the glasses on and let my nerd flag fly…
Hoodie – Gap Body
TShirt – Junk Food
Jeans – AG Jeans
Didn’t wear any shoes…


Seriously, if anyone has any answers about the cat thing, let me know, OK…


6 thoughts on “Cardigans are Cool

  1. As I said earlier on Facebook, who would I be without cardigans. I am known for them. I do like your scarf look even though you aren’t wearing a cardigan w it.

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