I forget what this one is about…

I have a terrible memory.  Horrible.  It was always bad, but especially after having children I find myself forgetting things all the time.  If I don’t write it down, I forget it.

I keep a notebook that I write everything down in. I’m constantly leaving myself notes of things that I need to do, books I want to read, movies I want to watch, clothes I want to buy, you get the idea.  The problem is that I think in incomplete thoughts.  Ellipses, if you will… My thoughts trail off and then I’m on to something new, a new topic, a new activity, etc.  So I go back and I find these notes to myself that say things like, “rosemary”, “make template” and “don’t forget membership”.  But the problem is, when I go back I have no idea why I would have written the word “rosemary” down in the first place.  Clearly I was to do something of some sort with rosemary, or wanted or needed it for some reason.  So I try to do a little deductive reasoning.

– Since I don’t actually know anyone named Rosemary I can quickly rule that out.

– Did I need to buy rosemary for a recipe I intended to try but never did? (Note: I have these grand visions of me becoming some wonderful cook…  There’s just one problem.  I can’t cook for shit.) After checking the pantry I notice that we have some but it’s old, perhaps that one’s it.

– Did I need to buy a rosemary plant?  We’ve been wanting to plant some in the backyard and I did see them for a good price the other day, so maybe that’s why I wrote it.

Unfortunately deductive reasoning can only get me so far, because the truth is, that would require reason.  Or should I say, reason that makes sense.  In the end I don’t remember why I wrote it or what I needed to do with rosemary so I just cross it off my list.  And pledge to try to be a little more descriptive to myself from here on out…



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