Yoga – It’s not for pussies…

Here is an ironic factoid about me.  I used to work in a health-care related job. Well, it was marketing but it was marketing “healthy” stuff. And while I may have looked healthy, I really wasn’t. I rarely worked out, drank so much Dr. Pepper that I should have just had it hooked up intravenously to save time, and I had horrible eating habits (I pretty much only ate bananas, yogurt and peanut m&ms – if I ate at all).

Since my career change, I decided that I needed to start taking better care of myself.  I now had the time, so no more excuses.  Plus, I feel that it sets a better example for my own daughters. It’s pretty hypocritical of me to make them eat their veggies as I cram peanut m&m goodness into my mouth and tell them to drink their milk or water as I have a soda.

So – I started working out regularly. I started eating better. I am working, really hard, at kicking the Dr. Pepper habit. But there are days when I can picture that beautiful Dr. Pepper can, it’s almost glowing with a heavenly aura, the condensation slowly dripping down… and I give in. But, to counter that, I have started drinking water (shudder).  I know it’s essential to our survival and all, but water tastes like shit. Perhaps it’s the lack of taste… Anyway – I digress.

After five weeks, I am beginning to see the results. My body is remembering what it feels like to be healthy, and it feels good. I can run farther and swim farther (and faster) than I have been able to in years, and I’m even seeing muscles that I thought I would never see again begin to reappear. My posture is even better. It’s quite the ego boost, I gotta tell ya… So when a friend of mine invited me to her yoga class, despite me not really having done yoga since college, I thought “No problem. I’m pretty bendy, I’m quasi strong, I got this.” She warned me it was a power yoga class, and that it was hard, but still I went feeling fairly confident in my yoga abilities.

Ten minutes into that class after having done like 20 plank poses (we were just getting warmed up) and already sweating, I was wishing I could be anywhere but that class.  (Give me a treadmill, put me in the swimming pool, I’ll do cardio all day for you – just don’t make me keep holding that fucking plank…)

But, I am competitive. There was no way in hell I was going to let that yoga class (and the old man in front of me) beat me. Even though I wanted to tell the instructor where she could shove it when she kept having us do this pose (I forget the name) that’s basically like holding yourself in a lower pushup, I found that I quite enjoyed it.  And I was proud of myself for sticking through all 90 minutes of that torturous class. (And, quite impressed with my friend, she was awesome.)

I’m going to be sore – shit, I already am.  I’m totally going back.  AL, thanks for inviting me to that class. You, my friend, are a yoga badass.




6 thoughts on “Yoga – It’s not for pussies…

  1. Yoga is HARD! I tried hot yoga once and it was worse. Yes I felt awesome after and it totally makes you fit, but it was hot and I hate the heat…and yoga and I just don’t seem to be friends. I try to make an effort and it never really works out. I will stick to my ginger ale and reeses pieces 🙂

  2. I think I share your competitiveness, the first time I did that class it was agony but I was determined to kick it’s ass… And keep up with the yogies in there who are my mom’s age. You were more badass than you think 😉

  3. I love yoga!!!! Congrats!!! It’s not easy but after about 4 weeks you get the hang of it and can do all the bendy stuff with ease!!

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