Cardigans are Cool

Before I go into anything remotely related to the title, I wanted to share something slightly disturbing that I walked in on last night. I had just gotten the girls to bed and walked into my bedroom to find the cat and the dog on our bed, which is not unusual.  They both like to hog our bed – every night is a cycle of kicking them off our bed, then them sneaking back on, then me kicking them off again only to wake up with the cat trying to suffocate me by laying on my pillow and head… So the fact that they were both on our bed is not the disturbing part.  It was that the cat (Rocky) appeared to be giving the dog (Ruby) a bath… with his tongue.  Is this normal cat/dog behavior?  I don’t know – can someone out there enlighten/reassure me?

Now on to the regularly scheduled programming… Today I’m once again linking up with the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. This week, winter kind-of returned so I got to bring the winter clothing out for one last hurrah before it gets replaced with shorts and tank tops and sundresses because it gets way to hot here in the summer to wear anything else.

Last week I professed my love of button-up (or is it button-down?  I feel as if I’m not using the proper fashion nomenclature…) shirts.  This week, it’s cardigans.  Love me a good cardigan…


Cardigan – JCrew Factory
Shirt – Gap
Jeans – AG Jeans
Shoes – Nine West
Watch & Bracelet – Michael Kors


No cardi – but…
Scarf & Shirt – Gap
Jeans – AG Jeans
Boots – Frye (Probably the last time I’ll wear them for a while… sniff, tear…)


Cardigan & Yellow Bracelet – JCrew
Shirt – JCrew Factory
Jeans – AG Jeans
Shoes – Coach
Gold Bracelet – Michael Kors


Close-up of my bling…


We didn’t have anywhere to go yesterday, and just hung around the house so I reverted to my college wardrobe (which is when I think I picked up this awesome tee), kept the glasses on and let my nerd flag fly…
Hoodie – Gap Body
TShirt – Junk Food
Jeans – AG Jeans
Didn’t wear any shoes…


Seriously, if anyone has any answers about the cat thing, let me know, OK…


Ode to Oxfords (All button-up shirts, really)

In all of my jobs, I’ve only had one where I had to wear a uniform. Officially…  But I’ve always been the type to adopt one.  You know, the items you put on every day because it’s easy and you don’t have to think about it.

In high school it was jeans and loafers, and those short-sleeved sweater shirts that were so popular in the late 90s…

In college it became jeans and t-shirts featuring characters like Rainbow Brite, SheRa, Transformers – all my idols from the 80s. The kind of shirt you could get at Hot Topic…

And then I discovered JCrew, and we’ve had a love affair ever since.  Pencil skirts, colored khakis, cardigans… they all look great with a button-up shirt. As a career gal, my workday go-to was a button up shirt. Skirt, shirt, heels and I was done…

Two weeks into my new career as Mommy, I’ve adopted a new uniform.  Before, on the weekends I would revert back to my college days, jeans and a tshirt (although I have ditched the Rainbow Brite), usually one of my two faves – well-worn Black Keys and Led Zeppelin t’s. And my first few days of not going into the office that’s what I did.  But my “old” clothes looked so sad.  Just begging to be worn…  So the button-up is back. Jeans, button up, flats… and I’m good to go.


Doggy photo bomb…
Shirt – JCrew
Jeans – Gap
Belt – Gap


Same formula – different type of shirt, though…
Shirt – JCrew
Jeans – AG Jeans
Shoes that you can barely see – Coach (and very old)


Kitty photo bomb this time…
Shirt – JCrew
Jeans – JCrew
Shoes – Nine West

This is my first time linking up with the Pleated Poppy for WIWW.  I’ve been a fan for a while, getting outfit inspiration from the many great dressers that are nice enough to share theirs.  I apologize for the pic quality – clearly I took them all with my phone as the phone is in every photo.  I tried to get my daughter to take them (she just turned 5), but the angle was all weird and I looked fat so yeah, I couldn’t use those. Also, what is up with my flamingo pose?

Peace, Love & Oxfords,


H54F – A day late…

I’m always late.  Just the charm of me… But, here goes!  Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk.

1. On Sunday I got to spend some QT with this guy


2. Our dog in men’s shoes, why not?


3. Valentine’s Day was this week, which meant I got to wear this outfit. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday to dress for, fashion wise. (I look ridiculous in this photo but… look at the purse.  It was my anniversary gift and I have now formed a very unhealthy love for an inanimate object.)


4. Speaking of Valentine’s Day,  I got an awesome card from my bestie.  I think she knows me…


5. Last night my littlest one was feeling snuggly.  I live for moments like these…


This past week was quite interesting, to put it lightly, with a lot of odd highs and lows.  I’m hoping for a little more normalcy next week!


Decisions, Decisions…

The end of the world, December 21st.

I don’t typically take doomsday predictions seriously, but this one has had me wondering, what is going to happen? “Probably nothing”, my rational mind tells me…but what if?  What if the world implodes/explodes?  What if The Day After Tomorrow happens and we get thrown into some weird climate change?  And the scariest of all – what if December 21st marks the beginning of the zombie apocalypse?

If that weren’t enough, after reading this the other day, I realized – I need to figure out what to wear!  I’ll be on vacation on the 21st so I won’t be at work, which means I have options:

1. Do I want to look fierce?

While looking fierce has the advantage of, well, looking fierce – it’s not the most comfortable of options.  For me, looking fierce usually involves heels and a pencil skirt or dress of some kind.  And ironing.  I hate ironing.  If I’m going to go down in some sort of fiery explosion or get sucked into a giant tornado, as I’m either exploding or being sucked away, hopefully my husband’s last thought will be, “Damn, my wife looked hot.”

But, if I’m going to have to be fighting for the survival of myself and my loved ones, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. For that, I’d need something comfortable, which brings me to…

2. Do I want to go cute but casual?

Logistically speaking, this one seems to make the most sense. In the case that the 21st does mark the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, catastrophic climate change, or it’s all out nuclear war and we’re plunged into some sort of Hunger Games scenario – casual yet functional seems to be the way to go.   However, if it’s going to be the last wardrobe change I’ll have for a while, I’ll need to like it. I’m not sure what the weather will be like (mental note, check weather for the 21st), but I’m thinking layers would be the right thing to wear.  Plus I got a cute sweater today that I’m looking forward to wearing – it would be perfect for the end of the world.


3. Do I want to go totally comfortable and observe the end of the world while in my pajamas? 

Ideally, on the 21st I’ll be able to just veg with the hubs and my girls, wrap gifts, drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies all day.  And nothing is more appropriate for that than pajamas. My JCrew pajamas, (of course), but pajamas none the less.

Come to think of it, this by far sounds like the best option.  But I’ll keep my zombie fighting jacket, cute new sweater and boots handy, just in case…

Ready to face the end of the world in style,


Bah Humbug and Merry Christmas

How in the heck did December get here so friggin’ fast?  The last thing I remember we were celebrating my 3 year old’s birthday in August, then it’s just one big blur of events until now. I could spend time trying to figure out how it got here so fast, but by the time I did that it would be Easter…

The hubs loves Christmas.  I mean loves Christmas. And, we are totally behind the eight ball this year in putting out the decorations. We’ve just both been so busy lately, that we haven’t taken the time to get it all out and put it all up.  Add in me being completely worthless from being sick, and well, it just hadn’t been done.  Until this weekend.  This weekend I got off my arse and put up the decorations for my Christmas-loving husband and kids.

I’m going to come out and just say it – I hate the actual act of Christmas decorating.  Which many will find shocking since I actually love to decorate (in another life I would have been an interior designer).  But it’s messy, it takes twice as long as you thought it would, and it always involves a few unplanned trips to Target or Home Depot (which usually I don’t mind, but in this case Target and Home Depot are crowded with a bunch of other people who are on their second or third trip, too).  Did I mention it’s messy?  On top of that, I’m usually slow to warm to the most wonderful time of the year.  To me, it usually just comes with more things added to my already full to-do list.  Typically I’m pretty Bah Humbug about it all until the few days before and then my shriveled old heart begins to feel the joy in the season and grows to three times it’s usual size… But, as I write this snuggled on my couch next to our new sweater-inspired pillows and in the warm glow of the Christmas tree lights, I can feel my Grinchyness melt away, and I have to admit… it was worth it.

Something is different this year.  I still have that “Oh holy CRAP, how in the hell am I going to get everything done?” feeling in the pit of my stomach, but something has turned this ‘ol Scrooge a little early this year. Perhaps it was the sheer happiness on my kids faces as they helped me decorate the tree, or the nostalgia brought on by putting out my great-grandmother’s decorations that I remember from childhood, or the sweet text I got from my husband today thanking me for decorating – who knows.  But you know what? I kinda like it.  So Merry Effin’ Christmas*, everyone!


I thought I would show you guys some pictures of our decorated house.  Next weekend we’ll tackle the outside, which is completely my husband’s territory.  I’m sure he’s planning something Griswald-esque…



“What’s that in the corner?”, you ask, “Is that a… Star Wars themed Christmas tree?”  Why yes, yes it is. Because nothing says “Merry Christmas” more than light saber and blaster sounds, and a C3PO ornament that says “We’re doomed” every time you turn the lights on.


Watch out Han… Greedo’s got his eye on you.


IMG_1878  IMG_1879


These guys creep me out a little.  I picture them coming to life at night like in the ballet and battling. Which, I guess so long as they clean up after themselves I don’t mind too much…

And since I neglected to take a picture of the actual tree (hey, don’t judge, I’ve been sick, remember??), here’s pictures of my two cuties helping me decorate it. (Which I had to redo a little after they went to bed because I’m way too A/R to leave all the ornaments clustered in just one section of the tree.)

IMG_1904  IMG_1905

I love them so.  Adorable, aren’t they? 🙂

*Typically I would have just spelled out the F-word, but this is a post about Christmas for Pete’s** sake. And there’s pictures of my kids on here. So I’m putting the earmuffs on a little today.

**Again, typically I would have said “Christ’s sake”.  But it didn’t feel right, given the context.  Hmm, or maybe that makes it more appropriate?  Either way – I’m trying to exercise a little restraint here. Which I’m sure my Dad is appreciating.

And Again with the Zombies…

OK – that’s what you’re probably going to think when you read this post.  But I’m sorry.  Zombies are really hot right now.  They are everywhere.  Video games, movies, TV shows, CDC websites, books, everywhere. So I can’t avoid writing about my not-so-secret obsession about them and thinking about how I could perhaps make some major money off this thing.

I consider myself to be a fairly fashionable person.  True, like everyone else I have some fashion skeletons in my closet (don’t act like you weren’t totally into those MC Hammer pants, too), but overall I feel that I dress pretty well.  Which got me to thinking when the zombie apocalypse happens, women are totally going to need the right clothing!  You can’t run from zombies in 5 inch heels.  But I’m sure women such as myself would still like to wear fashionable shoes – so a line of comfortable, yet fashionable, zombie-ass-kicking boots is a necessity.  And you’re going to need a cool vest or jacket to sheathe your machete in, which comes with hidden pockets for grenades and ammo for your sawed-off shotgun…  Just because the world is coming to an end, that’s no reason to not be fashionable, people.

Then we come to vehicles.  The hubs and I were discussing this last night.  We live in Texas, so like every other self-respecting Texan we drive large vehicles – SUV mom-mobile for me (equipped with a grill guard), and truck for him.  In any zombie invasion having the proper escape vehicle is key.  And let’s face it – a Prius isn’t going to cut it. (No offense to anyone who drives a Prius, you’re already doing your part to ensure that the zombie apocalypse doesn’t begin courtesy of environmental disaster.)  In this case, bigger truly is better.  And, what would be better than coming out with an entire line of truck and SUV accessories like a grill guard and windshield cage equipped with spikes, blades, and other accoutrement designed to maim, dismember, and mow down those zombie assholes??

So, those are just a few of my ideas.  Just know I’ve got some patents pending so don’t try to steal ‘em…

Ready to survive the zombie invasion,


Lastly, I did owe a correction to my previous post about fast zombies.  Apparently it is possible to place a sail on a battleship, as I was informed by a friend of my husband, that in the Pyramid of Darkness series on GI Joe they did just that.  I still have my doubts about the ability to quickly manufacture a sail of the magnitude that a battleship would need, but if GI Joe did it, then it can be done.  I stand corrected.  Whatever.

Bag Lady

You can tell a lot about a woman by the purse she carries, as for a woman your handbag is an expression of your personal style.  You can also tell a lot about a woman by what she carries inside her purse. A few months ago, a blog I follow posted a series that looked into the inside of various women’s purses.  What struck me most were the photos.  Photos of absolutely clean, pristine purses.  Well organized – a place for everything and everything in its place.  And I formed an opinion.  Those girls either have way too much time on their hands, or they cleaned out their purses before they posted their photos (I’m guessing the latter, because what girl has too much time on her hands?).  So – I offer you all a look into my purse.  My random, receipt and wrapper filled, bag lady of a purse.  Bag lady meaning, I carry way too much shit in there.  Not that I look like an actual bag lady.

First, a look at the purse… ain’t she a beauty?  I love her.  (I also love the new pillows that she is propped up against.  They look and feel like sweaters, and sweaters are awesome.)

What’s so great about it is that it can hold a TON of stuff, and still looks nice.  It doubles as my diaper bag, work bag, and whatever else I need it to hold bag.  (I guess that’s actually a “triples as”.)

And here’s what it holds on a daily basis:

1. Notepad & pen from Target, in case I have to write something down.  But it is used more often by my daughters than me.

2. My wallet (another gift from my quite stylish hubby)

3. Random change

4. Fruit snacks, granola bar, dum dums – either for me or for the girls when we’re out and about and need a little snacky

5. My phone – it’s like another appendage

6. Ray Bans – they are either the final accessory to a fabulous outfit, or help make those hot mess days better.  If I’m ever having a bad fashion day, I just put on the wayfarers, sling on my purse and I feel redeemed, fashion-wise.

7. Not one but two partially used packs of kleenex

8. My Retrodition makeup bag – just big enough to carry the daily essentials, and it’s polka dot, too.  Love!

9. Hand lotion

10. Random hair clips, rubber bands, and other hair stuff for myself and the girls.  Yes, that is a strawberry shortcake hair extension, and yes, you know you want one.

11. Again, not one but two hair brushes.  I have no idea why I have two in there.  I didn’t even know the smaller one was in there…

12. Random assortment of business cards, mine and those of others.  I had an awesome yellow business card holder but can’t find it.  Perhaps it’s lost in the depths of another purse.

13. iPod Nano – the earbuds are in another bag right now because I pulled them out to use at work on Friday, rendering the Nano temporarily useless

14. A lighter.  As with many things in my purse, I’m not too sure how it got there and didn’t even know I had it in there, but who doesn’t need a lighter in their bag?  Wanna know something scary – I know I’ve gone through airport security with that in there.  No offense to the TSA, but I think someone was asleep on the job…

And now, because I’m keeping it real, the pile of crap that I fished out of the depths of my purse:

Receipts, a dollar bill, used kleenex and napkins, Advil, a flash card (?), and photos from the ride at ChuckECheese.  And this pile of crap would have been bigger, but believe it or not I recently cleaned out my purse.  Thank goodness I had, otherwise I would have been carrying around an episode of Hoarders on my arm…

So there you have it – a true glimpse into my world.  Not entirely sure about what my purse insides say about me, feel free to tell me what you think in the comments.


PS – Looking for another fun read?