WILOW – Hiding My Funny

Apparently I’ve Been Hiding My Funny

“I had no idea you were funny!”  I’ve been hearing this a lot lately.  I sincerely appreciate the compliment from the folks who have taken time out of their day to read Shan’s Blog, but it kind of surprised me – opened my eyes a little.  Perhaps I’ve been playing it too cool in person…  And I am aware that “hiding my funny” sounds, well, funny.  But I’m going with it.

Having Santa’s Cell Phone Number Comes in Handy

My kids, like any other kids, hate to clean up their stuff.  And after the fourth time asking them to pick up their toys that were strewn about in the living room yesterday, I looked at them and said, “Santa gave me his cell phone number, and I can call him and tell him to put your names on the naughty list.”  The toys were picked up in record time.  I’ll have to be careful not to over-abuse this tactic, but it certainly was effective.

Cat Woman is Bad-Ass

Having young children means that we don’t get to the movie theater that often, and when we do it’s for the latest Disney film (loved Wreck It Ralph, btw), so we’re usually behind the curve on seeing the non-kid flicks.  We finally watched the latest Batman last night.  I’ve always been a Batman fan (except Val Kilmer and George Clooney Batmen), but Anne Hathaway won me over as Catwoman.  And, I kind of want to be her.  Minus the whole people trying to kill you all the time thing.

JCrew Beat Me to the Zombie Fighting Jacket

After spending most of last week/weekend wearing pajamas, it’s been fun to once again put on actual clothing that can be seen in public.  Today I was excited that it was actually slightly cool enough (high of 75, brrrr) to wear a jacket.  And about halfway through the day it hit me.  JCrew in all their stylish sneakiness beat me to the zombie fighting jacket.


It looks puffier in the photo than it does in real life, probably because I was lifting my arms up some to show off the jacket in the picture. (I was also taking the photo in the bathroom at work – that might have something to do with the photo quality.) In real life it’s a slimmer fit. But look, four pockets in the front!  I could store all sorts of stuff in there. Plus it’s this cool fabric that seems like it would be both water and blood repellant.  I would have to alter it slightly, make the sleeves removable so it’s appropriate for all kinds of weather and easily tear off for quick escape and sew in some pockets on the inside… But I think I have my zombie fighting jacket. Check.


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PPS – Ladies, want your own zombie fighting jacket?  See – clearly I am not a good modeler of clothing.  Pretty cute, eh?