Nerds are the New Cool

I’m the first to admit it – I was not the coolest person growing up.  In fact, I was pretty nerdy.  I was in honors classes, got good grades, was the one everyone always wanted to copy off of, and to top it off had quarter-inch thick glasses and braces.  I was like the girl version of Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles. Luckily, my sophmore year the braces came off and I started wearing contacts, and my “social status” so to speak improved some.

My senior year, I was fortunate enough to have my now husband in 4 out of my 6 classes, and we started dating.  My husband was cool.  My husband was popular.  In fact, one might argue that my social status improved by dating him. But, he was harboring a secret that he would never dare speak of in the halls of high school.  Underneath the Tommy Hilfiger and Doc Martins was an inner nerd.  A Star Wars loving, toy collecting, N-E-R-D.  And I gotta tell you, it made me love him even more.

My point to this trip down memory lane is, it’s amazing what can change in a decade.  (Actually, 16 1/2 years, but who’s really counting?)

As I am writing this, my husband and his best friend (who pretty much lives with us, since he lives down the street – but hey, he’s single ladies!) are watching Toy Hunter, a show about a man that makes his living looking up fellow toy collectors and buying their old toys and reselling them. These days guys like Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill are movie stars.  Comic-Con is huge.  I can drop a line from Star Wars in almost any social situation, and everyone laughs, and understands the reference.  Seriously – nerds are the new cool.  Let’s hope the trend is here to stay.


PS – If anyone is looking for a long-tray with short saber mint-in-box Luke, look me up, my husband might sell you his.

PPS – Let me also point out that my husband is still cool and still popular.  I’d like to think that after 17 years together some of it has rubbed off on me, but let’s face it, I’m probably still riding his coattails.


6 thoughts on “Nerds are the New Cool

  1. Shannon, You passed along your blog address today, so I’m reading this for the first time. You’re an excellent writer! I don’t know that I ever really knew that, and I think we had English together multiple years in middle school! But anyway- this is awesome! Takes a lot of courage to put your ideas out in public. Also- I never thought you were a nerd back in the day. I thought of both you and Katie as my “cool friends”!! Not that that’s probably saying much, since I was very nerdy myself, but that’s true! 🙂

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